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 Informations sur les activités ET sur la lune

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MessageSujet: Informations sur les activités ET sur la lune   Sam 26 Oct - 18:15

Extrait du livre Sacred Ground by Alex Collier (1996)
Cet extrait est en anglais mais vous pouvez facilement le traduire avec Google par exemple.

Alex Collier a écrit:
We live in interesting times. We all share a common interest in our countries and our world. We show a temporary interest in space as new and unseen information and discoveries are shared, then that interest is incorporated into day to day survival. I would like to share with you information regarding the
Moon and our Solar System. This information was shared with me by Andromedan Cosmonauts.
It is my hope that I can only add to the information and hidden revelations. As I have been reminded by my friends from Andromeda, we all have a piece of the puzzle. I offer this perspective as a piece of that puzzle. It is not my wish to detract or prove anyone incorrect. I myself have taken this information with the understanding that it is just a small part of a larger drama playing itself out in our backyard and on our home, Earth. This information was given over a period of contacts, both physical and telepathic. The following is the Andromedan perspective of our moon.
Our Moon has an atmosphere comparable in many places to that of Earth. In many of the large craters on the visible and the hidden side, the atmosphere is said to be denser than sea level on Earth. Our Moon has a small egress at its north pole, and the crust is thinly shelled in places. It is only twenty-one miles thick in some places, and thirty five miles in others.
We've been told that our moon is dry. A million times dryer than the Gobi Desert. According to the Andromedans it all depends on where you are. They say the hidden side has many large underground lakes , huge in size.
The irrigation and terra forming is occurring on the hidden side on the surface, but is occurring underground on the visible side to hide the agenda.
Apollo 15 discovered and took pictures of water vapor clouds that appeared from the hidden side. This would be most odd and unusual if the moon really didn't have much of an atmosphere, as we've been told. Because clouds would be impossible.
The age of the Moon soil is 6.2 billion years old, and has compound and chemicals not found on Earth.
In fact, there are many chemical compounds that were discovered, but withheld from the public. There are many more we've yet to discover because our science is not advanced enough yet. The lunar soil did not come from the rock that makes up its mountains and craters.
This is known to some lunar scientists. However, its not spoken about, but in whispers. So, where did the soil come from?
The Andromedans say the soil and many of the rocks come from Ursa Minor. The location is a solar system named in the Orion tongue "CHOWTA". This is a binary sun system. We have many similarities in our system as well. "CHOWTA" is a very large system, holding 21 planets and 47 moons. Our moon is said to have been made around the 17th planet in this system.
Portions of the moons crust is radioactive. Apollo 15 discovered this. Especially near the Apennine mountains. Why were the readings so hot? The Andromedans have said it's because some nuclear waste was brought up there to be reused as a fuel supply for the spacecraft that the world government has built. However, many of the ships that use nuclear fuel are obsolete now. So, how was the moon brought here?
It was, I'm told by the Andromedans, put into the tail of an asteroid which brought it into our solar system. This same asteroid circles our part of the galaxy every 25,156 Earth years. Andromedans have said that our moon has been inhabited periodically in it's history for 1.8 million Earth years.
The Moon is hollow. It contains huge underground facilities built by ET's and later humans from Earth.
There are seven openings into the Moon's crust, and the underground bases. Conservative scientists have wondered why so many craters seem so shallow, despite their size.
The Andromedans say, it's because much of the surface was built on top of a metallic shell of a circular space crest; or " A War Carrier ", as the Andromedans describe it. An example of a shallow, but large crater would be the crater Gagarin. This crater is roughly 185 miles across, but is only 4.5 to 5 miles deep. Based on the impact and size across the craters welt on the surface, the depth should be 4 to 6 times that deep. In fact, all the craters are the same; they are too shallow. They defy known science.
Many of the craters have been artificially created. The Andromedans have said that many of the craters on the far side were in fact domed cities at one time and that they were destroyed during a war that goes back 113,000 yrs. Many were used as domed cities and other larger craters were used as space craft hangers capable of capable of housing 200 craft.
The surface bases consisted of 9 domed cities which would be equal to a small city. Small lakes or ponds were scattered along the surface. The remains of these domed structures were discovered by NSA astronauts, Russian astronauts, and the NASA Apollo astronauts. The true military complex of the moon is now underground. Entrances to this alien and Human base is at both poles, the Taurus Mountains, Jules Verne crater on the far side and Archimedes. These are the original entrances.
The black government has created more openings and is currently expanding the underground complex.
The expansion is for the operation of private scientific and military agendas for the World Order.
Andromedans also state that it was a military outpost, until it was needed in our part of the galaxy to end a rebellion that was taking place. The personnel consisted of Reptilian, half-human/half-reptilian and those who would be known as humans.
Many of the original structures on the surface of the moon were destroyed during what the Andromedans refer to as the "Black League Conflict". This was a battle fought by humans of different systems that formed a secret alliance, and fought the tyranny of the Orion Empire. Continuous destruction occurred on one side of the moon as it was being transported here by space debris.
The side that suffered the heaviest destruction is the visible side we see. The destruction was caused by particle beam weapons when our Moon was located in the orbit of Maldek, now a destroyed planet. Our present Moon was one of two moons, that orbited it. The second moon, I'm told, is the moon Phobos. It also has ruins on it, as does Venus which was a moon of Uranus. Uranus is abundant with plant and mammal life.
The glass that is abundantly spread over the moons surface came from the Domed cities that were once on this war carrier. I would like at this point to explain how the moon is supposed to have gravity. Now this is Andromedan science and it flies in the face of our own science. But regardless, here is the Andromedan reasons for the moon having gravity. Our sun produces a highly penetrating radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum. This frequency is approximately a trillion cycles a second. This frequency is located between the lower portion of the infrared and radar band. It is this radiation from the sun that causes gravity, not the planets rotation. I will explain more of this when we address the hollow Earth. The Andromedan science claims that any planetary body that is 29.3 miles in size and is exposed to a sun, is capable of a gravity field. Even if it is not rotating on its axis.
The Andromedans have related the following series of events to me. They have said that this information has been recorded. I have not seen this yet.
So, I'm relaying this information to you the reader in faith of its accuracy.
Upon arriving on the surface of the moon, the NSA astronauts, together with their tour guides, the Greys, were taken to the underground facilities where the remains and skeletons of Reptilian-like beings and human beings were found. Also, old Orion technology was discovered. This location has been identified by the Andromedans as underneath the crater named Jules Verne. The Andromedans say the size of this facility hidden under the hidden side of the moon is approximately the size of New York state.
These huge underground facilities contain large lakes, plant life of Earth, alien form manufacturing machinery, food storage facilities, and space craft hangers. Also, alien writing is to be witnessed on the walls in the hallways. The NSA astronauts also were shown eight vaults that were sealed, but information regarding their contents has not been disclosed to me. Artificial Terra environments are being created all the time to house and support hand-picked personnel by the World Government.
The human leader of this base or facility is called Mr. Secretary. The Moon now houses approximately 36,719 human beings from Earth, a small colony; only Aryans by birth. According to the work that is being done above and underground to expand the facilities, the Andromedans foresee a population of 600,000 in the very near future. Much contact is taking place on the moon between regressive aliens and World Order humans.
Currently, the World Order has fifty-three Earth built UFO type space craft on the moon. Also, other weapons beings built on the moon are particle beam weapons, lasers, nuclear bomb satellites, and anti-matter weapon systems. Anti-gravity anomalies on Earth were used to send equipment and hardware to the Moon.
Pine Gap, Australia and Diego Garcia Island in the Indian Ocean were the primary launching areas. Also, Siberia in Russia is another location.
There is an atmosphere on the far side of the Moon being created on the surface for extended habitation. There is also water, lakes, and vegetation. They are literally turning it into a habitable colony.
From there, the World Government decided to go to Mars in March of 1959. This ultra secret space program was developed and launched largely from the Soviet Union, simply because of its natural resources and size.
They could virtually do everything in secret. Upon first arriving on the moon, the World Order astronauts, with help from the Grays, reopened the ancient underground facility. We've had a working colony on the moon since 1961 according to the Andromedans.
When the Apollo astronauts landed on the moon, the World Order had been there for some time. This knowledge and technology was withheld from the lower levels of NASA and our military. NASA has been used as a blind to keep the people from truly knowing what was going on our there. The astronauts were silenced under threats and they remain so today.
I would like at this point to share some old history or events that the Andromedans say is important. I have not been able to find any information about these events; however, because the Andromedans specifically brought it up, I am going to share it. In 1953 Earth satellites and radar showed large objects coming towards Earth.
These were Gray mother ships. These time-traveling spacecraft were the same craft seen near Venus in 1787, 1788, and 1789. In the year 1645 a large moon seen near Venus, was seen coming and going four times. This was a mother ships from Sirius B. In November of 1844, the large craft seen illuminating part of Mars was an Orion mother ship. The same craft illuminated Mercury in 1799. The same craft, which is spherical, crossed the Sun on March 26, 1859.
On the eclipse of July 29, 1878, the two large glowing bodies seen between Mercury and Venus were Pleaidian and Andromedan mother ships, moving through our part of the galaxy.
In 1783 and 1787, the large bright lights that were seen on the moon were not volcanoes. They were Pleaidian mother ships the creation of a self-rule government. The first on Earth; America. In the month of February, in the year 1894, the object photographed striking a huge black object was a carrier craft from Alpha Draconis. On April 4, 1892, the craft that crossed the surface of the moon was not a large bird, it was a craft that looked like it had wings. It was a craft from Alpha Draconis. This same ship was last in this solar system on January 27, 1912.
Ladies and Gentlemen, this time in which we now live is and will be known in our future as the end of the innocence. We, as a planetary race, must commit ourselves to the idea that truth must survive. We have major challenges to face, and whatever is the truth, we must do all that is necessary to stick together.
We have been torn and tattered, we have been betrayed. But please, let's not give up on each other.
We are capable of being heroes. We can save the world, and our freedom. We must believe in each other, and in ourselves
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Informations sur les activités ET sur la lune
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